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Welcome to UCA Alumni Association Website! Here you may find information about UCA Alumni, what we do and we have achieved so far. Please browse around to check the most recent news about us and our events.
  • Support & Guide
    Helping students with job and graduate schools application proccess
  • Entertain & Networking
    Organizing reunion events to see each other once again during the busy adult life
  • Exchange of Experience
    Share our experience with peers and students to find themselves
  • Capacity Building
    Deliver valuable workshops and ...

Our Alumni
Our accomplished alumni are thriving in their careers, majority are already employed and excelling across the globe, while others are simultaneously pursuing their master's degrees, showcasing their dedication to lifelong learning and achievement.
  • 62%
    Professional Placement
  • 26%
    Academic Placement
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Photo Gallery of Past Events
The UCA Alumni Association hosts a diverse range of events throughout the year, offering opportunities for networking, professional development, and social engagement. From reunions and career workshops to community service initiatives, we provide a platform for our alumni to connect and make a positive impact. Stay connected and stay tuned for upcoming events!
Movie Night in Gulzar Village
Mini-Workshop for UCA Students
Welcoming Night for Class of 2023
Ozar Aini
Class of 2021,
Computer Science
Gulborbonu Mirzoeva
Class of 2023,
Communications and Media
Meet Alumni Association Team
Firuzai Muzaffar
Class of 2021,
Communications and Media
Khizer Zakir
Class of 2022,
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Shakhansho Sabzaliev
Class of 2023,
Computer Science
Zaher Sayedi
Class of 2022,
Global Economics
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